Four Evangelion Hot Takes

Shinji is right to feel like shit

“Shinji is right to not want to get in the robot” isn’t really that big of a hot take. Everyone and their mom who has actually seen the show and thought about it for two seconds is likely to admit that in reality being a Newtype would be terrifying, and fighting cosmic horrors would suck. That’s why I want to turn up the heat and say that he’s also right about everything else he feels. The sources of his depression aren’t just in his head, they’re real.

Asuka’s characterization is ruined by the pacing (or Maybe its just bad)

I want to start out by saying that I don’t hate Asuka. She’s an interesting character and way more dynamic than Rei, which I think does add something to the show. Also unlike Rei, her internal and external conflicts are grounded in real world teenager problems of wanting to be seen as grown up, and dealing with loss and trauma and all that jazz. She’s an emotive character, and living with her highlights the best of Asuka and Shinji’s characterizations.

Human Instrumentality is good, actually

Neither the actual final episodes of the show or the End of Evangelion movie that’s meant to replace them gives any reason why Shinji should want to undo Instrumentality and go on living as a singular person.

The Rebuilds Are Good, Actually

Oh my God, they’re everything I wanted out of the series. There’s more explanation, so that you actually understand what’s going on and it doesn’t just feel like random bullshit with no explanation. There’s context for the things that happen, mostly. Characters actually have growth. They have arcs. Shinji is still a whiny shit (which is justified, as I said earlier), but he’s also a stronger character. When he does have his first breakdown and runs away, its his own choice that finally brings him back to NERV. He tells the secret service agents that he’s ready to come back, because he’s made a decision. He’s a much more active character, whereas in the original series he’s passive until near the end, and frankly I never really felt his character change to the more upbeat guy he is when getting praised for his high sync ratio, or charging into the fight with Leliel only to get his shit kicked in.



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